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Rick Morris                email:          phone:   828-208-6000

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Rick Morris                email:         phone:   828-208-6000

We sell new Kwik Way boring bar parts.

Scledum RT7YL 10-26-13 (4) Scledum RT7YL 10-26-13 (1) Scledum RT7YL 10-26-13 (3) Scledum RT7YL 10-26-13 (2) Scledum RT7YL 10-25-13 (7) This is a Scledum RT7YL cylinder head and block surfacing machine. It has a new Jamison 16″ (406 mm) CBN cutter head. The table travel is 71″ (1800 mm).  It will surface a 55″ long head or engine block . A new universal head and block mounting fixture is included. The precision 2″ roll over bar will accept BHJ rings. Blocks can be surfaced with or without BHJ rings. It operates on 220 volts 3 phase.                                                                                   The price is 17,500.00  ___________________________________________________________________________